We offer a basic, intermediary or full service from €69

Economy, safety and peace of mind. A Full Service includes a 35 steps check of your car, a replacement oil filter and an oil change. With your car well maintained, you save up to 4% on fuel. In the longer term, you’ll avoid expensive maintenance.

Most of important of all, with your tyres, brakes, battery and engine checked you and your family will be safer. That’s peace of mind.


For peace of mind

If you drive a lot is essential to take care of your car. We offer a budget-friendly basic service to keep your car running like clockwork.

A basic service includes a change of the oil and oil filter as well as a 9 point check of your car.


Looking after your investment

When a car is well looked after, everything works more efficiently. In the short term, that means saving money through fuel efficiency. According to careaware.ie a well maintained engine delivers 4% better fuel economy than a car that’s neglected.

If you’re driving a lot, that’s a lot of money. In the longer term, however, having your car checked more frequently helps you to nip bigger problems in the bud. Replacing a small component today could save you from having to replace a larger, more expensive part later on. This is particularly true of older cars.

An interim service includes a change of the oil and oil filter as well as a 14 point check of your car.


Knowing what’s around the corner

When we say ‘Full Service’ that’s just what we mean. You’ll be always be given a thorough 21 point check, giving you a clear picture of your car’s condition so you know what to expect down the road. For best performance, manufacturers recommend services at specific mileage intervals. But even if you don’t drive your car that much, it’s advisable to have it serviced every 12 to 15 months, so you can be sure that your oil, filter, brake fluid and tyres are all up to spec.

The full service includes a change of the oil, oil filter, spark plug and fuel filter as well as a 21 point check of your vehicle.

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