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Includes :

  • Full NCT Inspection of vehicle
  • Emissions reading & printout
  • Light focusing
  • Car Wash

Price includes all of the above of above, labour & Vat.

The NCT was introduced on 4th January 2000 complying with the EU Directive, which makes car testing compulsory in EU member states. The Directive is aimed primarily at improving road safety and enhancing environmental protection. NCTS is operating this service on behalf of the Government and is committed to providing the highest standards of customer service.


Our approach to NCT testing is designed to minimise the cost to you. Rather than carrying out potentially unnecessary work on your car in advance of the NCT, we recommend a three stage approach.

  • When you book  your carr with Car Service Ireland for a pre NCT check We will inspect your car thoroughly and carry out a pre NCT checklist.
  • If there are defects in the vehicle we put a quotation in place to make the repairs and contact the customer. At that point its up to the customer to make the decision weather they wish to repair the vehicle or bring it for its NCT first.
  • If you fail on a specific item, we will then repair that item as detailed by the NCT. This approach is designed to avoid speculative expenditure on work that is not necessary.
  1. Check all the vehicle lights and condition of lens.
  2. Check headlamp alignment and adjust if necessary free of charge.
  3. Check wiper blades condition and operation
  4. Check washers
  5. Check horn operation
  6. Check condition of safety belts and operation
  7. Connect diagnostic scanner to car and check airbag, abs, and engine management for any faults and reset if possible
  8. Check exhaust emission and catalyser condition for petrol only
  9. Check engine mount condition
  10. Check timing belt condition
  11. Check oil level
  12. Check for oil leaks
  13. Check tyre condition, specification and set tyre pressures
  14. Visual inspection of all brake pipes and hoses
  15. Check suspension and steering for wear
  16. Visual check of all shock absorbers
  17. Visual inspection of front brake pads and discs
  18. Visual inspection of rear disc and pads if fitted
  19. Check wheel bearings
  20. Check CV joints and gaiters
  21. Check handbrake operation
  22. Check exhaust for leaks and condition
  23. Check registration plate condition
  24. General inspection of body work for rust
  25. Check all glass for chips and cracks
  26. Check that all door and window operated correctly